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New NIH-Funded Study Reveals That Personalizing the Definition of Hypotension May Better Protect the Brain

Posted on 01/23/20 by Allied Anesthesia

What if clinicians could move beyond the current one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring a patient’s blood pressure in the operating room? What if we were given the tools for personalizing each patient’s definition of hypotension? As you are fully aware, determining a true “baseline” blood pressure is challenging in the operating room — as anesthesiologists, it […]

How Does Allied Anesthesia Work?

Posted on 07/29/19 by Allied Anesthesia

You’re a patient who’s heard about Allied Anesthesia, and now you want to ensure you receive treatment from one of our group’s top-notch anesthesiologists for your surgery or pain management. But, as is the case with a lot of healthcare-related endeavors, it’s not always so simple as requesting a doctor. Here’s a brief overview of […]

Can Anesthesia Impact Cancer Surgery Outcomes?

Posted on 03/07/19 by Allied Anesthesia

Many people think of an anesthesiologist’s role as limited to providing comfort during surgery—that our role begins and ends in the operating room. As our patients and their families know, anesthesiologists do much more. At Allied, we specialize in pediatric anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, and chronic pain management. Other examples of anesthesiologist specialties are neuroanesthesia or […]