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Patient-Focused Health Care
What’s the point of pursuing excellence?
Our patients. Pure and simple.

Because patients deserve excellent health care.

We Support ASCs That Deliver Excellence in Safety, Quality, Efficiency, and Patient and Surgeon Satisfaction.

The best ASCs achieve excellence in every aspect of outpatient surgery. Anesthesia services can be the driving force in attaining that excellence. At Allied, we combine our vast experience with a patient-centric approach to help your ASC achieve the best results possible.

We Establish Excellence by Providing Top-Rated Anesthesiologists. We Maintain Excellence Through Our Universal, Patient-Centric Approach.

The best ASCs staff the best doctors because they know doing so is the simplest way to achieve excellence in safety, efficiency and quality, which all lead to better patient and surgeon satisfaction.

A Team That Puts the All in All-Physician

Balancing Lowered Liability With Cost Effectiveness

We do this by delivering ASCs the maximum medical expertise alongside significant added value, such as consultative services and an extensive internal knowledge bank, including clinical pathways, medical executive job descriptions, cost control surgical tools, supplies and pharmacy. And that’s just the beginning.

Physicians With Extensive, Varied Experience
Allied is a team with extensive clinical experience and a 50+-year history providing customized anesthesia services.

  • Performed over 60,000 outpatient procedures In 2016
  • Physicians with expertise in clinical pathways, surgical pause and clinical team
  • Conduct preoperative assessment, full intraoperative service management and postoperative care

Physicians Who’ve Worked Hard to Join the Team
Each of our more than 100 full-time physicians has worked hard to get here—and is in it for the long haul.

  • All board certified or eligible
  • Undergo one of the most stringent new-member vetting processes in the nation
  • Physician-owned and private
  • Professional staff turnover rate under 1% per year

A Custom-Designed Team
Allied provides each ASC with a small team of anesthesiologists selected to fit the needs of that ASC, whether it be pediatrics, regional, preoperative assessment or management.

Anesthesia-Related Efficiencies
Allied physicians work as part of your team to ensure proper ASC patient selection. If needed, we also design and implement specialized selection algorithms for patient selection. Our fast turnover times allow for more procedures in a shorter time, without ever compromising quality. And our experience with regional blocks means patients are discharged sooner, and surgeries that once required an overnight can be done outpatient.

A Team With Regional Awareness and Sensitivity
We serve numerous ASCs, provide multiple ASC medical directorships and manage several ASCs in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. That wide network has given us sensitivity to the medical, political and financial realities of ASCs in the Southern California region. It’s also given us the flexibility to mold the anesthesia services at each ASC to fit its needs.

Supported by the Latest Technology
The Allied team believes in the power of technology to create better patient and surgeon satisfaction because we’ve seen it in action. That’s why we provide web-based real-time information sharing on best practices for clinical management and surgeon preferences, tailored to each service site.

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