Looking Forward to a New Year with Optimism

Posted on 01/23/15 by Allied Anesthesia

Happy New Year!

As we move forward into a new year, we hope to improve our services, and continue to provide the best health care for our patients. Every year, our physicians work with children from Children’s Hospital of Orange County and at other area hospitals taking care of young patients.

We have gathered our most helpful tips to keep in mind if your child has a procedure scheduled later this year. In addition to these tips, you can always ask your physician for any other advice to prepare your child for the big day.

Address Anxiety with Honesty

For anyone about to undergo a procedure, there may be some anxiety, but for children, the anxiety may be accompanied by fear and anger. As parents, you can curb that nervousness by helping your child understand their procedure, and address any other emotions they may have with encouragement and positive words.

Make Your Child as Comfortable as Possible

Before the big day, make sure that your child feels calm going into the situation. Make certain that the room is comfortable, and reassure them that they are in good hands. You can bring certain items to the hospital that may comfort them when they wake, or just be supportive with your own presence.

Be Strong and Set a Good Example

As a caring parent, it is natural that you may be concerned or nervous as well, but putting on a strong face for your child is critical.

Assure Your Child of a Positive Outcome

Explain the procedure as honestly as possible without using any alarming language. It may not be necessary to go into details of the procedure, as long as your child knows that after everything is said and done, he or she will be feeling better.

Present Information to Them So They Understand

You can use books or toys to help children through the process. There are many stories about children staying in the hospital, or you can show your child what to expect using a doll or stuffed animal. Remind them that a doctor is there to help them feel better, not hurt them.

Do Some Prep Work

If you can, go to the hospital beforehand and show your child around. Introduce them to the staff, and let them get a sense that the hospital is a good place to get better and it’s a safe place.

Finally, be positive and know that your child will be in good hands.

Once again, Happy New Year!


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