More than any other medical specialty, anesthesia is delivered in partnership with other physicians.

Making these partnerships successful depends on two critical factors – medical excellence and seamless cooperation. The members of our all-physician team deliver both.

Medical excellence

Our stringent recruiting process is designed to allow only the top 1% of anesthesiologists into our group. That’s part of why Allied’s anesthesia services have received a 5-Star Excellence Award for three consecutive years, awarded by Professional Research Consultants for being rated in the top 10% nationally.

With a group of more than 100 highly trained anesthesiologists, Allied represents an unmatched pool of anesthesiological talent.

Allied is also a founding participant in the National Anesthesia Quality Institute, the first national program designed to compare performance between anesthesia providers from across the country. While the program’s initial results aren’t yet available, we’re confident that it will quantify our group’s above average performance.

Currently, Allied anesthesiologists are the exclusive anesthesia providers in California’s 2nd busiest operating rooms. We safely perform more than 11,000 pediatric anesthetics annually.

Whether you’re working with an Allied anesthesiologist in the operating room, or referring a patient to us for non-operative pain management services, you can be confident that you’re working with a dedicated partner who will respect your expertise while providing their own experience and impressive capabilities.

If you’re looking for a partner with proven skills and performance, you’re looking for Allied Anesthesia.

Seamless cooperation

Measuring cooperation is less straightforward than demonstrating medical excellence, but we feel it’s an essential part of a successful partnership. That’s why we commissioned a survey of the surgeons who work with Allied anesthesiologists.

The survey found that over 90% of the physicians who work with Allied anesthesiologists feel that our anesthesiologists:

  • Act Effectively During Emergencies
  • Perform Technical Procedures Skillfully
  • Respond Appropriately During Clinically Significant Events
  • Provide Appropriate Post Operative Care During Recovery From Anesthetic
  • Collaborate With Medical Colleagues
  • Manage OR Resources Effectively
  • Exhibit Professional And Ethical Behavior
  • Respect The Rights Of Patients
  • Communicate Effectively With Other Health Professionals
  • Communicate Effectively With The Surgeon During Surgery
  • Communicate Effectively With Surgical Teams Interoperatively