Healthcare Providers

Why choose Allied?

There are plenty of good reasons that healthcare facilities choose Allied Anesthesiologists, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Allied Anesthesiologists Work In and Run One of the Most Efficient Operating Rooms in the State of California
  • All Allied Anesthesiologists are Board Certified or Board Eligible
  • Allied is Consistently Recognized as the Leader in Patient and Physician Satisfaction Surveys
  • Allied Anesthesia has One of the Most Stringent Vetting Processes for New Members of any Anesthesia Group in the Nation
  • Allied Anesthesia is a Carefully Structured and Professionally Managed All-Physician Medical Group with a 50 Year History

Working with Allied

Allied Anesthesia works with healthcare facilities in a number of different ways. In every case, we work as true partners, offering excellent clinical care from a well managed group with a proven track record of success.

Exclusive Provider Contracts

Allied Anesthesia is the exclusive anesthesia services provider at several Southern California hospitals, including both staffing and managing the most efficient operating rooms in Southern California. In these situations, Allied anesthesiologists provide all the benefits of an in-house anesthesiology team, without the need to hire and manage individual anesthesiologists.

Specialty Facility Services

Allied Anesthesia provides anesthesia services for several specialty healthcare facilities. We’re the ideal partner for cosmetic surgery centers, advanced dental facilities and other healthcare centers that require skilled anesthesiologists.

Temporary Contracts

Allied can provide temporary anesthesia services in both planned and unexpected situations when a facility needs more anesthesiologists than it has available.

Non-Operative Pain Management

Allied Anesthesia offers comprehensive pain management services that span from oral medication delivery and planning to spinal cord implants and other complex procedures.

Efficiency and value

A report by the Healthcare Financial Management Association titled “Driving Value in Anesthesia Services” lists five key ways for healthcare facilities to improve their anesthesia services.

Allied’s all-physician team has proven its ability to deliver on each of the five recommendations:

  1. Analyze Outcome Quality – Allied Anesthesia is a founding participant in the Anesthesia Quality Institute initiative, which will regularly track our physicians performance and allow us to compare our physician’s performance against other anesthesiologists from around the country.
  2. Find Proactive Partners – Allied Anesthesia physicians regularly serve on clinical, administrative, planning and charitable committees at each of the hospitals we work with, helping to develop higher quality more efficient care.
  3. Look At Efficiency – Allied physicians have been instrumental in running the most efficient operating rooms in the state of California, helping to build a high level of efficiency, both clinically and administratively.
  4. Cut Costs – By helping to increase efficiency and maintaining some of the lowest incidences of malpractice claims in the country, Allied has helped our partner facilities cut costs while maintaining high standards of clinical excellence.
  5. Get Them Involved – From committees and boards to education and planning, Allied physicians become more than just contractors at the facilities we serve, we become true long term partners.