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How Does Allied Anesthesia Work?

Posted on 07/29/19 by Allied Anesthesia

You’re a patient who’s heard about Allied Anesthesia, and now you want to ensure you receive treatment from one of our group’s top-notch anesthesiologists for your surgery or pain management. But, as is the case with a lot of healthcare-related endeavors, it’s not always so simple as requesting a doctor. Here’s a brief overview of who we are, how we work, and how we can help provide the best anesthesiology services for your procedure.

What is Allied Anesthesia?

Allied Anesthesia is a group of over 100 Southern California anesthesiologists who have passed a rigorous vetting process to represent the top 1% in their field. They provide anesthesia services for pediatric and adult operations, surgeries, and pain management procedures for several hospitals in the region. The group is carefully structured and managed to ensure top performance across the board.

How can I ensure an Allied Anesthesia group member handles my anesthesia needs during my procedure?

Our group is the exclusive anesthesiology provider for a number of hospitals and medical facilities, so the best way to ensure that you’re treated by one of our physicians is to receive treatment at one of these locations. Check out our General Inquiry page to view a full list of our affiliated locations.

How does Allied Anesthesia partner with healthcare organizations and hospitals?

Usually, we contract with a surgery center or hospital to provide all anesthesia services for that facility. As per this contract, we will reliably staff their facility with our group’s anesthesiologists and provide coverage for any type of surgery. We will also provide the facility with physicians who hold different sub-specializations to meet almost any need. Allied anesthesiologists are not direct employees of our partner hospitals or medical facilities and are independently contracted with almost all insurance carriers.

I’d like to consult with an anesthesiologist outside of the operating room for pain management. Am I able to directly book an appointment with one of AA’s physicians?

Our group includes several physicians who can be seen directly for pain management. Generally speaking, these doctors perform interventional pain management procedures that aim to treat the root cause of pain rather than provide chronic care with medication. If you’re interested in consulting with one of these specialists, please fill out our General Inquiry form and mention that you’re seeking a direct appointment for pain management.


For other questions regarding Allied Anesthesiology’s practices, please check out our Patient FAQ section, or fill out a General Inquiry form at the link above. It’s our pleasure to do all we can to help get you the answers and care you need.



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