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Another Year of Growth for 2016

Posted on 01/24/17 by Allied Anesthesia

Award-winning medical group Allied Anesthesia today confirmed that 2016 was another year of growth in size, significant methodological advancements and widespread adoption of new technologies. The group credits the openness of its partners to progressive approaches and its individual physicians’ commitments to innovative health care for the year’s success.

Kaveh Matin, M.D., CEO of Allied Anesthesia, said, “Last year’s industry-wide focus on improving patient care has brought Allied Anesthesia so many incredible opportunities. We’ve really been able to invest more time in the perioperative role, which has contributed to improved patient outcomes across the board.”

Greater Collaboration

Kyle Wehner, M.D., division lead for the Fullerton division of Allied Anesthesia, said greater collaboration among anesthesiologists, surgeons and hospitalists is a significant factor in the improved patient outcomes. “We’re now able to have greater involvement in all aspects of care, including preoperative optimization of comorbidities, intraoperative execution of early recovery protocols and postoperative pain management,” he said.

The group also began increasing overall patient contact in 2016, Wehner said. “Days to weeks prior to surgery, we’re now able to review histories and make recommendations on perioperative medication management, testing and radiologic and cardiac studies.”

In another collaborative effort, Allied Anesthesia began working with colleagues to develop Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for joint and colorectal surgeries this year, Wehner said.

New Technologies and Industry Pioneering

Last year, Allied Anesthesia became the first group in Orange County with widespread implementation of an electronic anesthesia information management system. The HIPAA-compliant system collects and organizes patients’ health-related information into one central electronic hub. Authorized physicians can access, consult and manage the information.

Matin said, last year, Allied Anesthesia also became one of the first groups in Orange County to incorporate the routine use of ultrasound for regional anesthetics, and it began using the latest technology for brain tissue oxygen monitoring in the cardiac operating room.

New Doctors, Specialties and Honors

The group gained several new members last year, including Hao Ho, M.D., trained in regional anesthesia and pain management, and Sherif Meckael, M.D., who is an adult and pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist. Allied Anesthesia also added several more physicians in various subspecialties, including pediatric, pain management, cardiac and obstetrics.

Last month, the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA), Calif., named seven Allied Anesthesia physicians to its 2017 Physicians of Excellence list. These physicians are Jack Canton, M.D., who is the active medical director of anesthesia at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Manoj Kulkarni, M.D., who practices at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC); Jon Nguyen, M.D., who practices at St. Joseph Hospital; Lynnus F. Peng, M.D., who serves as chief medical advisor for medical software company ePreop and practices at Pacific Surgery Center in Costa Mesa and at St. Jude Medical Center and St. Jude Plaza Surgery Center, both in Fullerton; Afshin Shabanie, M.D., medical director of pain management at St. Joseph Hospital; Francis Michael Sweeny, M.D., who practices at St. Joseph Hospital, and is the host and creator of medical podcast “Straight Talk MD”; and Eric Wellmeyer, M.D., who practices at CHOC and St. Joseph and is a member of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee and the Physician Health & Wellness Committee at St. Joseph Hospital.

“We expect 2017 to be just as exciting and to be characterized by even more growth and advancement than 2016. As always, Allied is ready to embrace the most cutting-edge technologies out there and to keep looking for more ways to meet the needs of the physicians we partner with and the patients we serve,” Matin said.


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