Allied Anesthesia Team Members Continue to Make a Difference

Posted on 06/24/13 by Allied Anesthesia

There is no better feeling than helping someone in need. It’s one of the many reasons we physicians go into our line of work.

Helping children whose families struggle to provide a simple, but life-changing, operation, is even more rewarding.

Although it’s not the first time members of Allied Anesthesia have provided for those in need, and it certainly won’t be the last time, we’d like to spotlight two of our generous and wonderful physicians for their hard work as they selflessly better the lives of others.

We are so proud of Dr. Cliff Char and Dr. Ian Chait for their work with the non-profit organization Operation Smile. The international charity treats thousands of children in developing countries with cleft lip deformities every year.

Dr. Chait with Patient

Dr. Chait with Patient

The simple procedure takes only minutes, but the results last forever. Our doctors have helped children do what we take for granted everyday, including eating, speaking, socializing and even smiling.

Countless times, both Char and Chait have joined other medical professionals from around the world for two-week missions.

During their missions they perform between 100 and 150 surgeries. Additionally, they train local medical practitioners in an effort to create self-sufficient and sustainable solutions within developing countries.

Between the two physicians, their selfless work has stretched across the entire globe. Dr. Chait goes on two missions each year; he’s made a difference for children in Morocco, Peru, China, Egypt, the Philippines, and will be leaving again this fall. Dr. Char just returned from a mission in Nicaragua, but he has also volunteered in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt and Nepal.

For Dr. Chait, helping someone in need is absolutely priceless. “It’s an incredible feeling when you take a kid to the recovery room and the mother comes in and sees the kid with the defect repaired,” Chait said. “The look on the mother’s face is an incredible, emotional experience.”

Dr. Char agrees, “There is so much need out there and the amount of work we do is a lot, but it’s so small when put in the big picture. There’s just so little we can give and we get such huge benefits in return.”

It is with a great deal of pride and appreciation that we thank our team members for helping make such a huge difference in the world.


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