Pain Management

Relief and Comfort

When patients suffer from chronic or long-term pain that can’t be alleviated with surgery or other treatment, Allied Anesthesia’s pain management services can often help.

For Patients

Chronic and long-term pain are some of the most frustrating conditions for a patient to experience. At Allied, we understand this. That’s why we offer comprehensive pain management services.

Your treatment will start with either a referral from another physician, or by contacting our offices directly. An Allied anesthesiologist will assess your condition and develop a personalized pain management treatment for your needs.

For Children and Parents

Patients of all ages can and do experience pain. Allied anesthesiologists work with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to provide 24/7 coverage of pain management for CHOC inpatients, enhancing the comfort, health and survival of patients experiencing pain or discomfort.

Your child will be treated by an anesthesiologist who is specially trained and certified in pediatric pain management. He or she will be able to make sure your child’s hospital stay is as safe and painless as possible.

For Other Physicians

When you have a patient whose pain can’t be addressed by surgical or typical medical techniques, an Allied anesthesiologist can help. From developing plans for oral pain management to administering intravenous or epidural anesthesia to alleviate pain, working with an Allied anesthesiologist will give you access to an expert in the field who can help you offer your patients truly comprehensive care.

For Healthcare Facilities

Pain management is a growing field, and offering it to your patients can help you stand out as a facility. Allied Anesthesia can either help you develop and staff an in-house pain management clinic, or offer a trusted group to handle pain management referrals from your facility.

Either way, when you work with Allied Anesthesia, you and your patients will be treated by some of the most talented and experienced pain management specialists in the country.