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Allied Walks for Kids at CHOC Walk in the Park at Disneyland

Posted on 10/03/18 by Allied Anesthesia

Allied Anesthesia was honored and thrilled to participate in the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Walk in the Park.  If you aren’t familiar with the CHOC Walk in the Park, it’s a fundraising event for the CHOC Children’s programs and services with the greatest needs, from mental health services to expanded neonatal intensive care units. And it’s held at The Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland®.

It all started almost 30 years ago – on November 10, 1990 – when the entire Children’s Hospital (doctors, nurses, staff and patients) began the process of relocating from their original building, built in 1964, to a brand-new, six-story building a few miles away. The original walk began at the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, passed by CHOC Children’s and wove its way through local neighborhoods before ending at the Disneyland parking lot. While the route changed a few times in its first decade, in 2002, it returned to its first home and became known as the CHOC Walk in the Park presented by Disneyland.

In the event’s 28-year history, it has raised more than $32 million for CHOC Children’s, and CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital.

Tony Adkins of Choc Children's

Tony Adkins of CHOC

This year, we had an all-star team that included special guest Tony Adkins, a skilled CHOC physician assistant who has gone viral thanks to a special talent: using dancing as a way to cheer up and connect with his pediatric patients.

The Allied team also included Dr. Claudia Moreno and her family. “I wanted to participate in this event because I believe in providing the best possible care for our patients undergoing surgery at CHOC,” said Dr. Moreno. “I want parents to know that while their little one is in surgery, he/she becomes my little one, and that is the greatest honor and responsibility. My patients stay in my mind and heart.”

Dr. Rebecca Sanger and her family were there too. “The CHOC walk is an excellent opportunity for my own children to understand what I mean when I say I’m taking care of other people’s kids. It’s a chance for them to see other kids that have overcome and persevered through tough times with the help of doctors, nurses and so many wonderful staff members at CHOC.”

Learn more about the event and mark your calendars for next September … we’ll be there!

Allied Anesthesia Choc Walk 2018 Disneyland group Tony Adkins - Allied Anesthesia Choc Walk 2018 Disneyland Allied Anesthesia Choc Walk 2018 Disneyland

6 Reasons to Staff Your ASC With an All-Physician Anesthesia Group

Posted on 07/23/18 by Allied Anesthesia

Every ASC has several options when it comes to anesthesia staffing. You can hire anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists directly, you can contract with them individually, you can contract with a large anesthesia group that operates on the care team model, or you can work with a specialized all-physician anesthesia group like Allied Anesthesia.

Here are six great reasons to consider bringing in a group like Allied to your surgery center this year.

#6 – Eliminate Cancellations From Coverage Issues

Many surgery centers don’t have the volume to employ a full-time anesthesia provider, and very few have the volume to support multiple providers.

Individual hires and contracts can lead to serious staffing issues. Are you willing to shut down your ASC because your anesthesia provider is sick or on vacation? Reschedule surgeries because they have a family emergency?

With a model like Allied’s, coverage issues are eliminated thanks to our pool of over 100 qualified physician anesthesiologists. Our anesthesiologists arrive on time, ready to deliver high quality care and won’t leave until patients are discharged from your ASC.

#5 – Benefit From Providers Who Are Ready for Anything

Variety isn’t just the spice of life – it’s also a helpful attribute in any profession. Medicine is no exception. Surgical care in an ASC setting is often routine and uneventful. But when the unexpected happens, you need a surgical team that can handle a curveball.

At Allied, all our anesthesiologists rotate through a variety of settings, from specialty outpatient surgical centers to fast-paced trauma centers and complex inpatient surgeries at some of California’s largest hospitals. That means that when your OR is staffed by an Allied anesthesiologist, it’s staffed by an anesthesiologist who’s ready for anything from the routine to the unexpected.

#4 – Improve Reimbursement

Appropriate and timely reimbursement is a big part of any successful outpatient surgery center. At Allied, our group has developed relationships and contracts with essentially every insurance company in our region. That not only ensures appropriate reimbursement for anesthesia services, it also lets you lean on our experience for help in negotiating reimbursement for all your ASC services. This ultimately leads to very happy patients that won’t receive unexpected medical bills and are more likely to return to your center for future procedures.

#3 – Keep Your Surgeons Happy

Surgeons prefer to work with anesthesiologists who have the same level of training and experience that they do. While there’s certainly a place for the care team model, our surgical satisfaction surveys have shown that most surgeons prefer to work with Allied’s physician anesthesiologists who can tailor an anesthetic plan to specific surgeon preferences. Allied anesthesiologists can also perform regionalized pain procedures that lead to lower pain scores after surgery which result in happier patients and surgeons.

#2 – Enjoy Customized Protocols

Despite what some large national anesthesia groups would have you believe, there is no one-size-fits-all in anesthesia. That’s why we develop customized protocols for every individual location and surgeon we work with. Whether it’s adapting the latest advanced procedures to an outpatient setting or accommodating individual preferences, our group works to deliver care in the right way for your ASC.

#1 – Improve Patient Care

Nothing is more important to our anesthesiologists than improving patient care, and we help our ASC partners reach that goal in a variety of ways: from implementing checklists and clinical decision pathways, to maintaining the safety of your ASC to helping to bring in new, advanced procedures and protocols to your facility. When you choose to work with a qualified anesthesia group like ours, you’re choosing a partner who’s always working toward the best for your patients.

Interested in learning what working with Allied could do for your outpatient surgery center? We’d love to hear from you.

St. Joseph Hospital Celebration 2017 Silent Auction

Allied Anesthesia Is Proud to Be a Silver-Level Sponsor of St. Joseph Hospital’s Celebration 2017 Benefit

Posted on 12/19/17 by Allied Anesthesia

On October 7, St. Joseph Hospital hosted Celebration 2017, an annual fundraising event whose proceeds benefit the St. Joseph Hospital Heart and Vascular Center. This year’s funds will go toward building a new, next-gen cardiac catheterization laboratory for technologically advanced procedures. The Celebration, which took place at the City National Grove of Anaheim, raised a record-breaking $450,000 for the center. Allied Anesthesia was proud to be one of the event’s sliver sponsors and a contributor to the event’s rare wine raffle. (more…)

pediatrician listening to patient's heart

3 Important Facts About Anesthesia Awareness

Posted on 10/05/17 by Allied Anesthesia


Anesthesia awareness is what people often refer to as “waking up” during surgery. It’s one of the greatest concerns among patients scheduled for surgical procedures. And this makes sense considering the terrifying urban legends around anesthesia awareness. Those stories are enough to make anyone think twice about going under. (more…)

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ERAS & Alternatives to Opiate Drugs

Posted on 09/07/17 by Allied Anesthesia


By Dr. Peter Sawras

Last month, I brought up the issue of the U.S. opiate drug crisis and the need for alternatives to opiate drugs. Drugs like morphine are important during recovery from major surgery, but other methods of pain management exist.


doctor writing for a medical blog

Our New Medical Blog, Allied Answers & Insights, Kicks Off!

Posted on 07/05/17 by Allied Anesthesia

The first post, written by Allied physician Dr. Peter Sawras, offers a bit of pre-surgery advice for patients

It’s official! Our new medical blog, Allied Answers & Insights, is live. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t eat before surgery (and who hasn’t?), check out the very first post in the series right here. In the article, our very own Dr. Peter Sawras offers up the history behind the ban and gives all the good reasons for it. (more…)

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Carb Loading: Why Can’t You Eat Before Surgery?

Posted on 07/03/17 by Allied Anesthesia

Allied Answers & Insights

It’s the question we hear most: “Why can’t I eat before surgery?” It just so happens there are some really good reasons. Read on to find out!

By Allied Anesthesiologist Dr. Peter Sawras

In 1848 a pregnant woman went under anesthesia and died from aspiration. Yup, she had a meal before surgery and all that semi digested food ended up in the lungs. You are right, that is bad. (more…)