Pain Management

6 Reasons to Staff Your ASC With an All-Physician Anesthesia Group

Posted on 07/23/18 by Allied Anesthesia

Every ASC has several options when it comes to anesthesia staffing. You can hire anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists directly, you can contract with them individually, you can contract with a large anesthesia group that operates on the care team model, or you can work with a specialized all-physician anesthesia group like Allied Anesthesia. Here are six […]

Pain Pill Addiction is a Real Risk

Posted on 08/15/17 by Allied Anesthesia

ALLIED ANSWERS & INSIGHTS By Dr. Peter Sawras In 1980, the New England Journal of Medicine published a letter stating, “We conclude that despite widespread use of narcotic drugs in hospitals, the development of addiction is rare in medical patients with no history of drug addiction.”

Carb Loading: Why Can’t You Eat Before Surgery?

Posted on 07/03/17 by Allied Anesthesia

Allied Answers & Insights It’s the question we hear most: “Why can’t I eat before surgery?” It just so happens there are some really good reasons. Read on to find out! By Allied Anesthesiologist Dr. Peter Sawras In 1848 a pregnant woman went under anesthesia and died from aspiration. Yup, she had a meal before surgery […]

Questions About Having Surgery? We’ve Got Answers!

Posted on 07/21/16 by Allied Anesthesia

We all have burning questions about general anesthesia, but, with all of the appointments and other business around scheduling surgery, it can be tough to remember to ask those questions. So the Allied Docs put together answers to some of the questions patients might have about this critical part of the surgical experience.

New Postoperative Pain Modality Enables Hoag Orthopedic Expansion

Posted on 04/12/16 by Allied Anesthesia

Anesthesiologists undergo training in cutting-edge total continuous nerve block shown to significantly reduce need for postoperative narcotics and increase likelihood of same-day total joint replacement surgery Allied Anesthesia announced today that the Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, will expand its outpatient total joint replacement offerings, thanks to an innovative postoperative pain anesthesia modality, the total continuous […]

Allied Anesthesia Physicians Promote Gentle C-sections

Posted on 04/28/15 by Allied Anesthesia

New Movement Focuses On Creating A More Enjoyable And Memorable Experience Allied Anesthesia physicians are embracing the concept of “gentle C-sections” which was pioneered in Boston and is swiftly gaining ground across the country. Unlike traditional cesarean sections, gentle C-sections focus on making the experience more enjoyable and memorable for the mother by making her […]

Why Are Business Writing Essential

Posted on 04/13/15 by Dr. Ian Chiat, M.D.

A good quality essay or dissertation is consistently insightful and luring. But nevertheless, to be able to a great essay that is certainly authentic in addition to allowed to hooking the target audience attention and creative visualization is not quite simple. Honestly, it will last an abundance of work, look for and abilities. To […]

Allied Works to Adopt Electronic Records

Posted on 12/09/14 by Allied Anesthesia

Allied Anesthesia physicians in Orange are working to adopt electronic records for the hospitals they service in order to bring more efficient care to their patients. Bringing together all of a patient’s information and streamlining it electronically is fairly standard in most hospitals, but physicians hope to bring it to every hospital. In addition to […]

SurveyVitals Feedback Helps Allied Anesthesia Learn and Grow

Posted on 10/23/14 by Allied Anesthesia

The team members of Allied Anesthesia are always working to make our patients comfortable during every step of any procedure. To make each patient’s experience the best it can possibly be, we hired an independent company, SurveyVitals, to survey all of our patients on a scale of 1 to 5. We wanted to know how […]